Friday, 2 March 2012

LAPAROSCOPY : The Fastest Growing Technology in Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery or minimally invasive or Keyhole surgery is a surgical procedure in which done with the help of a video camera and several thin instruments. In Laparoscopic surgery small incisions about half an inch are made and after that laparoscope attached with laser are passed through those incisions. These ports help to place camera and instruments inside the patient's body in order to make internal organs visible to the surgeon. And gas like carbon dioxide injected into belly through one of the incision in order to inflate the belly, this gas make a gap between internal organs and abdominal wall this helps the surgeon to make a clear view on internal organs. The video camera inside the body acts like surgeon's eyes in which it transfer the internal view of organ to outside monitor and surgeon perform the surgery with the help of instruments which already placed through the ports by watching the inside view on screen.

After conducting the operation the instruments and gas will be removed, after that incisions will be repaired with stitches and bandages. The scar happened due to surgery are negligibly small and will be faded soon. The entire procedure may take half an hour to one and half hour. The patient will be shifted to rest room for two to five hour. Patient can enter into normal life activities except strain full work or exercise on the next day.

The advantages of Laparoscopic procedures
  1. Fast recovery
  2. Scars will be faded faster after the surgery
  3. Patient may stay hospital for short time only
  4. Patient can return to normal life very soon. 
There is also small chance of problems after Laparoscopic Surgery, that are
  1. Incision may Bleed or swell
  2. Possibility of Infection
  3. Belly pain
But these problems are very rare in the case of Laparoscopy. If happened anything like above you have to approach your doctor as early as possible. 

The various Laparoscopic procedures are
  1. Adhesiolysis Surgery
  2. Cholecystectomy
  3. Hernia Repair
  4. Hydatid Cyst Liver
  5. Inguinal Hernia Repair
  6. Rectopexy
  7. Repair of Hiatus Hernia
  8. Splenectomy
  9. Varicocelectomy
  10. Drainage of Liver Abscess
  11. Tubal Ligation
  12. Ovariar Cystectomy
  13. Hysterectomy
In India better 'Laparoscopy procedures' are conducted on very low rate when compared with other countries. Due to the introduction of new technologies in this field the ease of the procedures increases year by year. 
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