Thursday, 17 December 2015

Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery also called as minimally invasive surgery is the surgical procedure in which the surgeon may performs using small incisions and also uses small tubes and tiny video cameras. Generally, Laparoscopy may be used to find the problems like cysts, fibroids and infection.

In the surgical procedure, the small incisions are made and the plastic tubes are placed through the incisions. The Camera and the instruments are inserted through the ports and allows access to inside. The Camera then transmits the images of the organs which are inside the abdomen into the television monitor. The surgeon may not be able to see directly to the patient without the incision. The video camera will capture the images as surgeon's eyes in the laparoscopy surgery.

The main benefits of Laparoscopic Procedures are:

  • Less discomfort
  • Faster Recovery time
  • Shorten Hospital Stay
  • Easy Return to activities
The Robotic Surgery is a method to perform the surgery using very small tools which has been attached to robotic arm. The Surgeon may controls the robotic arm with the help of the computer.

Robotic Surgery is similar to the Laparoscopic Surgery. It will be performed through the smaller cuts than the open surgery. When the robotic arm is placed in the abdomen, it will be helpful for the surgeon to use the surgical tools than with the laparoscopy.

The Robotic Surgery will take longer time to perform. The Robotic Surgery will be used in other procedures like, Coronary artery bypass, Gallbladder removal, Hip replacement, Hysterectomy, Kidney Removal etc.

The main Benefits of Robotic Surgery includes:

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Less pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Less infection

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

One of the newest super speciality branch of general surgery is the gastrointestinal surgery. In this field the experienced doctors and high-volume centers have made a difference in outcomes of surgery. Gastrointestinal Laparoscopic Surgery refers to the key hole surgery related with stomach, small and large intestines.

Before the Laparoscopic surgery starts, the surgeon will take a thorough look at your abdominal cavity to make sure that laparoscopy will be safe for you. In conditions like infection, multiple adhesions, or other abdominal diseases, the laproscopic surgery will not be prefered.

An intravenous tube will be inserted into a vein in your arm to deliver medications and fluids before you have laparoscopic surgery.The surgeon will place a small port just below your bellybutton and advance the port into your abdominal cavity. This port is connected to sterile tubing and carbon dioxide is passed into the abdominal cavity through the tubing to lift the wall of your abdomen away from the organs below. This space will give your surgeon a better view of your abdominal cavity once the laparoscope is in place. The laparoscope is placed through the port and is connected to a video camera. The image your surgeon sees on the laparoscope is projected onto video monitors placed near the operating table and thus surgery can be done in an accurate way.

Gastrointestinal Surgeries includes:

You have to take additional care at home,after laparoscopic surgery. Walking is great exercise and will help your general recovery by strengthening your muscles, keeping your blood circulating to prevent blood clots, and help your lungs to stay clear. After this kind of operation you are not permitted to lift or push anything over 30 pounds or do abdominal exercises such as sit-ups for six weeks.

As compared to other countries like Canada, USA and UK the Gastrointestinal surgeries are done here in India at an affordable rate. In India, this treatment is carried out in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, at Punya hospital. 

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bariatric Surgery In Bangalore

Laparoscopic gastric Bypass surgery
 Gastric Bypass :Its a weight loss surgery aims to prevent log term weight through the process of reducing the food ingested and digested.

The surgery will make the stomach smaller and the digestive system shorter.
  • Open surgery
  • Laparoscopy
Open surgery
-Surgeon make larger incision down belly and directly work with organs
  • surgeon insert tiny camera(Laparoscope) into the belly.
  • Views stomach on a video screen
  • Insert surgical instruments through small incision to do bypass
Who are the candidates?
  • Individuals between 18 to 40
  • Those who have BMI between 35 to 40
  • Those who are failed in weight loss by non surgical means
  • Individuals to willing to a lifelong change for proper diet,exercise.
Outcomes of surgery?
  • 70% to 80% extra weight loss is expected after a gastric bypass surgery
  • Patients quickly loss weight and continue to loss weight to 18 t0 24 months after the procedure.
Laparoscopic General Surgery Bangalore provides extra treatment care for patient who need to recover from excess weight.It also provides longterm outcomes for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass.

Our expert doctor is the best Laparoscopic Surgeon for  Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

WEIGHT LOSS SURGERIES:Extreme escape from obesity.

Bariatric Surgery or Weight loss Surgery is an operation performed in stomach of the patient to reduce the weight.This operation is mainly for the obesity patients or sometimes it is an option for the patients who cannot reduce their weight by other surgeries.

During this time of surgeries reducing the amount of food intaking by the patient. The weight loss surgery is done by reducing the size of the stomach or removal of one portion of the stomach. This surgery completely changes the anatomy of the patients digestive systems also it will limit the amount of food the patient can digest or can eat.

The Result of the Weight loss surgery

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Recovery from Diabetes
  • Recovery cardiac risks.
  • Recovery from Arthritis and Joint pain.

Types of weight loss surgery

Risks of Bariatric Surgery
These include main risks such as
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Infection

Gastric surgeries will done by decreasing the size of the Stomach or decrease the amount of absorption of nutrients and food. This surgery also provide health benefit such as a prevention of cancer and the diabetes.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tongue-tie surgery in India

Toungue is the most important organ for speech,taste and swallowing.It has no bone,hence it is known as a muscle.

What is toungue tie?

Toungue tie or ankyloglossia is the genetic anomaly in which the bottom part of tounge is attached to the floor of mouth.There fore it makes hard to move the tip of toungue.

Causes for toungue tie

The exact reason for toungue tie is not known.But genes play to the role of this reason.It is genetically transmitted anomaly in some case of people.

Symptoms present in toungue tie are following:
>New born babies suffer the problem of difficulty in breast feeding.
>It interfere your speech.
>It interfere your proper development of the tooth.

Tounge tie surgery is the only option for this problem.
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