Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tongue-tie surgery in India

Toungue is the most important organ for speech,taste and swallowing.It has no bone,hence it is known as a muscle.

What is toungue tie?

Toungue tie or ankyloglossia is the genetic anomaly in which the bottom part of tounge is attached to the floor of mouth.There fore it makes hard to move the tip of toungue.

Causes for toungue tie

The exact reason for toungue tie is not known.But genes play to the role of this reason.It is genetically transmitted anomaly in some case of people.

Symptoms present in toungue tie are following:
>New born babies suffer the problem of difficulty in breast feeding.
>It interfere your speech.
>It interfere your proper development of the tooth.

Tounge tie surgery is the only option for this problem.
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