Thursday, 17 December 2015

Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery also called as minimally invasive surgery is the surgical procedure in which the surgeon may performs using small incisions and also uses small tubes and tiny video cameras. Generally, Laparoscopy may be used to find the problems like cysts, fibroids and infection.

In the surgical procedure, the small incisions are made and the plastic tubes are placed through the incisions. The Camera and the instruments are inserted through the ports and allows access to inside. The Camera then transmits the images of the organs which are inside the abdomen into the television monitor. The surgeon may not be able to see directly to the patient without the incision. The video camera will capture the images as surgeon's eyes in the laparoscopy surgery.

The main benefits of Laparoscopic Procedures are:

  • Less discomfort
  • Faster Recovery time
  • Shorten Hospital Stay
  • Easy Return to activities
The Robotic Surgery is a method to perform the surgery using very small tools which has been attached to robotic arm. The Surgeon may controls the robotic arm with the help of the computer.

Robotic Surgery is similar to the Laparoscopic Surgery. It will be performed through the smaller cuts than the open surgery. When the robotic arm is placed in the abdomen, it will be helpful for the surgeon to use the surgical tools than with the laparoscopy.

The Robotic Surgery will take longer time to perform. The Robotic Surgery will be used in other procedures like, Coronary artery bypass, Gallbladder removal, Hip replacement, Hysterectomy, Kidney Removal etc.

The main Benefits of Robotic Surgery includes:

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Less pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Less infection


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